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Dirty Furniture

When design leaves the showroom

Dirty Furniture is a new independent design magazine that uncovers the relationship between people and the things they live with. Conceived as a finite printed series of six and showcasing design’s best writers and emerging talents, each issue takes a piece of furniture as its theme and uses it as a springboard to explore topics spanning politics, design, history, technology, psychology, manufacturing, art – and the plain weird.



3/6 – Toilet

Alex Schweder on pissing
Debika Ray on India
Justin Clemens on humour
Owen Hatherley on public toilets
Natalie D Kane on nappies
Alice Twemlow on graphic design
plus fatbergs, shitting monarchs
and the poo emoji

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Stack Awards

Well, that’s a nice start to the day! We’re very happy to have been nominated for a couple of Stack awards: editor of the year and best non-fiction. Keep your fingers crossed for us…


Toilet Break

London Design Festival has finished - but what fun we had. Our exhibition - Toilet Break - in collaboration with The Shit Museum, featured two exhibitions and a series of debates to explore the potential of shit and how we might re-evaluate our most primordial activity. More


Issue Three Launches

Issue three has launched! And is now available to buy online and out in the wild. See here for a list of our stockists…

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